My unique mind/body approach can help you to integrate your mind, body, and heart. By working with your body along with your mind, I can help you remove the blocks/obstacles that keep you from your own inner knowing, which will allow you to make the best choices for yourself today and to re-establish any lost connections with your true self.

Through BIOENERGETIC work, I can:

  • Help you see how your body has coped and armored itself in response to the stresses of your life
  • Help you to release whatever body tensions or coping strategies are no longer necessary
  • Help you improve the connection between your body and your mind
  • Help you hold on to an integrated self
  • Help you build feeling of empowerment and raise self esteem

Integration of our mind, body, heart and spirit leads to overall health and satisfaction. We live in a culture that undermines or ignores the importance of our integration. For instance, even with the body fitness craze, we are not encouraged to integrate our bodies with our emotions. In truth, our body and mind are unified. As a whole we react to stress. As we can create chronic negative patterns in our thinking, we can create chronic negative patterns in our body. When we listen, our body lets us know when something is wrong, there is a dis-ease. If we ignore the warning signals, our body moves toward a stress related disease or injury. To enjoy life, to feel genuinely healthy, we must be “in” our bodies, not dissociated from them; we must experience and value our primary perceptions and feelings; we must be able to access our heart; and finally, we must be able to make good sense of this all. If these pieces come together in an integrated way, it will lead us to healthy, constructive action.

Along with Bioenergetic training, my work with the body is also informed by my personal pursuit of Iyengar Yoga for over 25 years, Tai Chi for 10 years, and initial training in F.M. Alexander work.