Are you plagued by worries and unable to control them?
Do you feel like you want to crawl out of your skin?
Do you feel keyed up, tense and unable to relax?
Do you have trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing?
Do you wake up with your heart pounding?
Do you feel panicked often and/or unexpectedly?
Are you avoiding situations where you are likely to feel the above?

IF YOU CAN ANSWER YES TO TWO OR MORE OF THESE QUESTIONS, you may be suffering from an anxiety condition. Seek immediate help, because untreated anxiety, and the resultant stress, erodes physical and mental health.

I can help you learn to treat or to eliminate anxiety or panic/anxiety attacks. Anyone who has experienced an anxiety attack knows how frightening and debilitating it is. The physical symptoms are often mistaken for a heart attack. Untreated anxiety begins to negatively affect health.  In advanced stages, a person can become confined to a smaller and smaller world. In addition, anxiety often co-exists with depression. There is no reason to live with this dis-ease. Anxiety erodes self esteem, makes us fearful to live life, and limits our freedom. New research proves that untreated anxiety, which increases the levels of cortisol in our system, can lead to serious illness and/or declining health.

In my practice, I have years of experience in diagnosing, as well as treating, anxiety problems, with a 3 step approach:

  1. education
  2. treatment
  3. relapse prevention

When I meet with you, I help will help you come to an understanding of your specific anxiety problem and we will look  for the best solutions for you! We can work together to restore you to good health, increase your self esteem and to help you remain anxiety free for the rest of your life.


Can you help me without medicaton?

Very possibly. I have helped many people recover from these conditions without the use of medication. Anxiety and depression are conditions that we are learning more about each year, especially as we understand more about the brain. Anxiety or depression can be biochemical, but it can also be caused by a build up of undigested emotional pain. EMDR and Bioenergetic Analysis, as well as other cognitive interventions, are extremely helpful for those who suffer with depression or symptoms of anxiety. In over 30 years of practice, I have developed many helpful tools and insights, which I will pass on to you. I believe it is important to empower you with your own set of tools, to prevent any relapse of depression or anxiety.

When is medication needed?

Some depressions are so physically and biochemically entrenched that they may need a medication intervention. In this case, I work with a number psychiatrists, pre-screened for good diagnostic skills as well as good people skills. In many circles, I am known as a “holistic” practitioner. I believe that any true “holistic” practice includes allopathic (Western) medicine as one approach along with all of the wonderful other approaches available. If you are one who needs medication, do not see this as your personal failure; it is just the way your body works. Your body needs this extra chemical or hormonal support. Depression and anxiety are not benign diseases; they are progressive and have serious health consequences. So, do not let the fear of a medication/side effects prevent you from getting medical help with your depression or anxiety. In my opinion, taking an appropriate medication is much safer than living with the untreated state or disease. This does not mean that “you” will need medication. Together, you and I can evaluate your situation. I will make recommendations based on my experience, but YOU are always the person who makes the decisions.

Then, can’t I just take a pill?

No. Medication can only strengthen the base you are standing on, it cannot teach you how to lead a life free of anxiety or depression. If your depression or anxiety is helped by medication, a good therapist’s skills and tools are still invaluable. Current research shows that psychotherapy along with medication, rather than medication alone, is the most effective treatment for major depression and anxiety conditions.